Ways to wear - the Long Sleeve Tee

Ways to wear - the Long Sleeve Tee

With the July's item being the Long Sleeve Tee, we break down a few useful tips for our members on how this versatile wardrobe essential can be styled, and different occasions they work perfectly for.

Your day to day.

A simple look which can be executed easily with Asuwere pieces, or items from your existing wardrobe. Layering the Long Sleeve Tee under an oxford shirt is a slick, yet practical look during winter. Your shirt can be worn open for a more casual look or buttoned up if needed for the office.

We've paired our Navy Long Sleeve with the Light Blue Oxford and Charcoal Daily Chino. Shoes Garment Project - Type.

The base layer.

Wearing your Long Sleeve Tee under a sweater adds that little bit more comfort and warmth than a tee will during winter. Paired with our Cotton Cashmere Sweater, this look will pretty much have you set for whatever comes your way. The sweater and white trainers clean up a pair of jeans enough for a meeting or unplanned cold one midweek.

Or two.

On the go.

We've noticed that plenty of our members are on the go. Whether travelling domestic or international, sometimes you just want something that you can throw on and know you will look fresh but can withstand an uncomfortable flight. The Long Sleeve Tee is your answer. Perfect for flicking between AC as the long sleeve adds that additional warmth a regular tee is lacking. Pair here with next months Lounger Pants (the ultimate travel pant) and a Cotton Cashmere Sweater always at the ready.

Friday feeling.

You have plenty of options when it comes to a Friday, but we always like to be prepared from the morning not knowing what the night may bring. Introducing a Chelsea boot over a clean pair of jeans should keep the boss happy, no matter where you're working. If they aren't into it, send them our way. We've paired the White Long Sleeve Tee with an unstructured blazer to keep a comfortable casual look on a not-so-cold day. Shoes RM Williams.

This variation of the look worn earlier in the week, but with the addition of the Chelsea boot, dresses things up again. Try a chino or a black pair of jeans with a black sweater for a really sharp finish if blue jeans are too casual for you.

Mix up all three and you're fucking flying! Dinner, drinks, a concert... take your pick and walk straight to the front of the line. 

The Weekender

If the weathers behaving and you're heading out for a coffee over the weekend, the Long Sleeve once again comes to the rescue. Paired with our Sweat Bomber and Lounger Short, you've literally never made comfort look so good. We've pair with a pair of Vans, Old School lows but this will look equally as good with a nice pair of runners.