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After New Zealand based designer Sam Hickey launched his clothing brand Samuel Joseph, it was evident that guys wanted more than just a perfect linen shirt. Like most guys, his customers hate shopping. They didn’t know where to find the high quality clothes they need (without the $$$ tag) and often weren't sure how to piece things together.

When co-founder Noah Hickey (Sams brother) asked Sam to simplify his wardrobe, it was at that moment that he knew that the pain of shopping went much deeper. Guys need less, and they need it presented to them in a way that fits their busy lives. After culling Noah's excessive clothing collection of unworn (sometimes questionable items), Sam got to work, talking to customers and designing the perfect wardrobe of essentials, that work together seamlessly for any guy.

The result, Asuwere, a world first menswear subscription that cuts out the crap. High quality essential threads you need, for a better price, delivered to your door, in your size and colour. We'll take care of the clothes, you get back to whatever you were doing, less stressed and better dressed. 



  • Select your plan

    Select and purchase the plan that works for you and add your preferred sizing details. All plans gain access to member pricing, free returns and Clubroom events.

  • Choose your garments

    Once you have joined - Select your up coming garments from your member portal and add or change any additional details.

  • Rest easy, your wardrobe is in good hands

    You will be billed on the 1st of each month, and your product will be dispatched shortly after. If the garment doesn't fit, or you're not into it, we offer free returns and you can exchange it for something else.

What do I get each month?

Every month we release new items appropriate to the season (not the fashion season) which build up your wardrobe.

You have the freedom to select which items you would like up to 6 months into the future and can skip or take something from a previous month if we have in stock

  • November

    Our biggest delivery yet. November consists of our linen capsule collection with 16 pieces across all colourways. Linen Shirts, Shorts, Chinos and a Blazer will have you set for summer and beyond.

  • December

    The return of our highest selling item of all time 'The Hybrid Short', its the perfect all rounder shorts. Along with a limited release, in a custom Japanese inspired print used across our Short sleeve shirt and Hybrid Short.

  • January

    Summer is well and truly here and we have a new release of our tee collection and more linen shorts. Our Pima Cotton and recycled Cotton tees are a crowd favourite.

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