How membership works

  • You are sent an item of your choice each month.
  • Once purchased you will receive an email to make your colour selection on upcoming items.
  • You can select Basics ($50 for members), Essentials ($100 for members) and Heroes ($200 for members). Hero pieces can be spread across 2 months, via banking. This is done by forgoing a monthly item, but letting the charge proceed, and then taking it the following month.
  • One you've selected your first items, we'll send out your first within 2 business days of purchase. Your pieces will then be sent in the 1st week of every month thereafter.
  • The first months subscription fee is charged right after you click 'Submit Order' on the Secure Checkout page. For each subsequent month, subscribers are charged on the 1st of the month. 
  • Free shipping within NZ, Australia shipping is $10 per month.