Ways To Wear - The Button Down

Ways To Wear - The Button Down

We break down 5 ways to rock your Button Down Shirt.

As it is

For a look as polished as it is effortless, pair your Button Down with a Black or Navy Chino The only decision you'll need to make is to tuck it in, or leave it out. We let the occasion make the call on that.

Over a Tee

Looking to keep it fresh and ditch a jacket. Go from desk to drinks with a tee underneath. Simply wear our Button Down unbuttoned over the top, untucked with some Chinos and a tidy sneaker. Voilé. The answer to your casual Friday.

Under a Sweat Crew

Made with versatility in mind, the Button Down looks as good over something as it does beneath. Layer one of our Sweat Crews over the top for a tidy finish. The shirt's button-down collar holds its shape without spreading out over the top of the Crew. Our Cotton Cashmere Crew is a great alternative for those seeking a lighter top layer.

Under a jacket

Whether you're in the boardroom, or out amongst the elements, our Button Down Shirt is ready for it all. Throw a Bomber or a Blazer over the top, depending on the occasion. The interchangeability is what makes it such a useful staple in our members' wardrobes.

Boot? or Sneaker? Both.

Dress it up, or dress it down. Whatever the weather, or the dress code, our Button Down Shirts pair with a crisp pair of sneakers or a dressy boot; making them an essential piece of kit in every man's wardrobe. 
The Button Down Shirt
$180, or $100 via Membership