What is Asuwere?
Asuwere is a menswear subscription service that delivers high-quality wardrobe essentials to your door every month. All products are designed to build a perfect base wardrobe and work together seamlessly for guys of any age.

We do not follow trends and only offer products which we believe all guys should own (but can’t find), in the colours they need - so you can mix and match our items together or with what you already own.

We'll take care of the clothes, you get back to what you were doing, less stressed and better dressed.

How does the subscription work?
Opt to either pay monthly or annually recurring. You’ll be charged today, and if opting for monthly you’ll be billed the 1st day of each month thereafter. 

On subscribing, you’ll also have the choice to either pick your own colours, or let us choose for you. 

Deliveries are sent out within the first week of each month. Subscription items can be exchanged but not refunded. 

You can cancel your subscription any time. (See Billing section for more information)

Is this a mystery box?
No, you have full visibility of what's coming here. All products are designed by Asuwere and build a perfect base wardrobe which works together seamlessly for guys of any age.

Want more details on each product? Drop us a line hello@asuwere.co

Why is Asuwere a subscription model?
We know firsthand that the current model of clothes shopping is time-consuming at best, and overwhelming at worst. Irregular sizing, mountains of clothes to navigate and winter clothing in the middle of summer. 

We want to simplify this by providing a subscription service, delivering the core of what you need for your wardrobe, so you don’t have to think about it. Because of this commitment from you, this gives us an accurate read on what to order and allows us to invest in better quality fabrics and pass on the savings. 

Sometimes all it takes is one item to refresh your whole wardrobe.

Not convinced? Items can be purchased as one-offs at RRP. 

Won’t I look the same as everybody else?
Our subscription products are intended to build a perfect base wardrobe for any guy and help simplify what you really need, so you always look good. We do not follow trends and only offer products which all guys should already own (but can’t find) and only offer colours they need. 

So to answer the question, have you ever worn a white tee to the same party as someone else? Yes, let's all look better together.

How do I know what I’m getting each month? 
You have full visibility of what's coming here. If you have forgotten what you ordered or selected for us to pick for you, just drop us a line to find out what's coming next. hello@asuwere.co

Can I try the clothes on before I buy them?
If you are in Auckland you can pop into our store, where you can experience the quality of our garments firsthand. Every size and colour for the whole year is available to try, so you can put your mind at ease.

For online orders an Asuwere tape measure is included with your first product, so you can make sure everything is the right fit moving forward. If the item doesn't fit, we offer free returns.

What if I don’t want a particular months items?
If you're not happy, we're not happy. You can swap for an existing item.

What is the difference in Subscriber price vs RRP?
Subscribers receive a minimum of 30% off when buying additional items in our store (+ free shipping). The stock is limited though so be sure to get in quick on additional colours or new releases. 

Non-subscribers can purchase items at the full RRP. 

Can I gift a subscription to someone?
Yes, the best way to gift a subscription would be to create an account for the recipient, set the billing address for yourself and the shipping address directly to them. They will still have the chance to change their size or colours. You can always update billing details to theirs going forward. 

Where are the clothes made?
The subscription products are all made in China. We have worked hard to find production partners who have the same high standards as us when it comes to products and ethics. Check out our Journal or Instagram stories to get a tour of the factories & clothes being made.