Cause you've got better things to do than shop.

Simple styles, great cuts, and quality fabrics delivered to your door every month. Make painful shopping trips a thing of the past and enjoy up to 50% off our regular retail pricing with our memberships.

  • May

    Cotton Hoodie, Cotton Sweat Crew, Cotton 1/4 Zip, Rain Mac Jacket & Woollen Overshirt

  • June

    Woollen Topcoat, Check Button Down Shirt & Denim Button Down Shirt

  • July

    Woollen Overshirt & Suede Leather Low Sneakers

How it works

  • Find your fit

    Choose your plan and pick your sizes. If an item doesn't fit, we offer free returns and exchanges.

  • Select your styles

    We curate each month so you can choose based on what you need for the season ahead. Building up wardrobe classics that work with what you’ve got.

  • Free shipping & flexible returns

    At the start of each month we send out your selections leaving you to look good with ease. You can swap items, return, or cancel anytime.

Why Asuwere?

Asuwere (pronounced 'as you were') was founded by kiwi brothers Sam and Noah Hickey, who like many of us lead busy lives with kids, work and very little spare time.

After years in the menswear industry, they knew there had to be an easier way to look good, that didn't require hours of precious time shopping. 

Asuwere's membership model has been built to give you what you need, when you need it, at a better price. We order based on our members preferences and sizing resulting in less waste, better fits and an overall more tailored experience.

It doesn't stop there. We're aiming to close the loop by taking the clothes you don't need, and giving them to someone who does.

  • "Basically, they sort the clothes, you get back to what you were doing, and everyone is better-dressed for it."

  • "The menswear subscription service is serious about helping busy men look good with little effort"

  • "When designer Sam Hickey noticed that some men don't have the time or desire to shop, and struggle to source appropriate clothing, he knew what to do"