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We recently ventured out to the island paradise of Waiheke Island, visiting some of our Asuwere members who are doing cool things over there. Needless to say, we had an epic day.

Man O' War

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We started our journey at the renowned Man O' War. Situated at the far east end of Waiheke Island, with an area spanning across 4,500 acres. 

We met Asuwere member Alex Shepherd who is the sales manager but certainly a jack of all trades. He then took us on a tour around some of their many vineyards (72 in total) stationed around the island.

After our tour, we enjoyed some delicious wine at Man O' Wars stunning hospitality area right on the waterfront looking over the south pacific oceans and some of Waihekes neighbouring islands.

It is certainly worth the drive over the east side however, there is a ferry service that will take you directly from Auckland Viaduct to Man O' War Bay.

You can watch our interview with Alex below
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Waiheke Whisky & The Heke

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Next up we headed to The Heke. Which is also the home of Waiheke Whisky and it's distillery. We met Asuwere member and head distiller Pat Newton. A very talented distiller, brewer and winemaker with an impressive resumé.

We were treated to a full tour of the distillery and brewery. Learning the process of both the beer and whisky making from grain to bottle.

After an educational tour and tasting the many forms the beer and whisky go through before the finished product, we had a whisky tasting with Pat. Not to mention accompanied by some delicious dishes from the Heke menu (the mushrooms were definitely a highlight)

Pat explained to us that they primarily focus on "peated" whisky. A smoky and earthy taste that is created uniquely by the environment wherever the peat is harvested.

Whether you go for an informative and delicious whisky tasting, or for the delicious food, the atmosphere at the Heke is fantastic.

You can watch our interview with Pat via the link below.
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Wild Estate & Wild On Waiheke

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We finished our tour at Wild Estate and met with owner and Asuwere member, Simon Matthews.

An eclectic hub for good times on a day out. A brewery, a vineyard, a restaurant, a sculpture garden an archery range, laser clay bird shooting...the list goes on!

They have their namesake brewed beer and cider on tap, as well as a refreshing non alcoholic ginger beer they also brew which was a personal favourite to finish off the day.

Beautiful location, food, drink and activities, you'll need not look further for a place to take friends and family on a day out on Waiheke.

You can watch our interview with Simon via the link below.
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