Back to the office: An outfit guide

Same-same, but different

Helping to simplify guys’ wardrobes starts with understanding their needs, and in returning to normality (A.K.A heading back into the office) we recently conducted some research about dress code which presented some interesting findings.

From the office workers surveyed, we learned that a clear majority (63%) of them now pull up to work in a smart casual getup. While it’s too early to tell if the classic suit + tie is dead, we do know that dress codes have shifted and that people are beginning to dress for the day that lies ahead, as opposed to the old status-quo. In short: same emperor, new clothes.

Here’s a quick guide on some work outfit ideas, no matter the dress code.


For a look that is as sharp as it is effortless, tuck an Oxford Shirt into a pair of our Daily Chinos. These are both incredibly versatile pieces that can be worn in many different ways, and this is just one of them. To wrap it up, throw on a pair of tidy loafers, and a jacket or coat, like our Mac Jacket or Topcoat which will keep you feeling warm and looking sophisticated for the commute. For another layer of warmth, throw on a Cotton Silk Crew over the Oxford. This is a great (and easy) outfit for more formal settings.

Pro tip: Match your leather colours - A leather bag/satchel should match the shoe, and belt if applicable.

Smart Casual

If you’re amongst the majority of those surveyed - You’ll be wanting something smart but not as elevated. This opens the floor up to denim which pairs well with a sneaker, like our Leather Lows. Smart casual is also prime layering territory, and given the time of year, you’ll need some warmer layers. Our Heavy Woollen Overshirt is a great practical example of a smart-casual layer that looks classy and keeps you snug. Once (and still) considered a ‘casual Friday number’, is the open button-down over the top of a tee with some jeans. This is a simple look that translates well into the warmer months, and a simple buttoning-up of the shirt will stand you in good stead for an impromptu meeting should your calendar throw such a curveball.


With a casual dress code, you can really start dressing with comfort in mind, which opens many doors in the way of warmer layers. Vests do well in this space and look great over a Sweat Crew or ¼ Zip. This look suits jeans and chinos well, setting you up well to go from desk to dinner. For some added warmth, throw on a Beanie.

Working From Home

Still WFH™, or WFC (Working From Café)? You’ve got a full license to wear what you want, and if you’re open to ideas, we love our double sweat combos. A simple Sweat Trackie and Sweat Crew/Hood combo will do the trick for this. You can also layer up with a Heavy Woollen Overshirt to spruce up this look should you be cafe-based, and if you happen to have a zoom audience, have a button-down shirt at the ready (underneath) and smile for the camera. 

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