Our Chino Fit Guide

Pictures of our 3 types of chinos, from left to right: tapered slim, regular and relaxed.

Offering different leg lengths across our chino range made it easier for men of all heights to be able to fit them. Recently, we launched a new Chino, The Classic Chino, with a more relaxed fit that catered to different tastes and shapes, and making this great staple all the more accessible.

In the wake of our new chino release, here's a breakdown on the different fits across our chino range:

Find your fit

Our most tapered option

This is our slimmest option, ideal for those of slight build, or who enjoy a more fitted look with their chinos. 

The regular fit

Our standard fit chinos. Our original cut - a fitted, but not slim, look with a slight taper that extends from the knee to the ankle.

Our new, relaxed fit

Our latest chino, with a more relaxed fit around the knee, which extends down to the ankle. This is a better option for those in need of some more space on the lower leg.

*Chino measurements taken on a 32" waist Chino

Know your fit?


Tapered Chino

Daily Chino

Classic Chino

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