Skincare Tips - Aotea

Skincare Tips - Aotea

When we see good people making even better products we have to share it with our members. We recently caught up with Tama Toki of Aotea to get some tips on how their products can help as the seasons change. 

At Aotea we use a range of native flora in our therapeutic goods range. We grow the native flora and extract the oils on a little patch of land on our papakāinga, Aotea, Great Barrier Island.

One product that we’ve noticed has been particularly helpful with the chilly Spring air is our harakeke seed oil cream we sell as a night cream. We squeeze the seeds of the harakeke plant (nz flax); the oil is super rich in something called linoleic acid which is super nourishing to the skin. Further, it has a high content of other fatty acids like omegas 3, 6 and 9. We’ve had some great feedback on its use for rejuvenating dry skin. 

Our Kawakawa balm is also super useful as a healing balm/ointment for eczema and other skin irritations like psoriasis that can come about during the colder months. But it’s also useful as for insect bites, bumps and grazes. Kawakawa contains a plant agent called myristicin that reduces inflammation (proven to reduce nitric oxide) in the cells. So it can be something of an everything balm which we think is pretty rad.

Head over to Aotea website and use the code 'ASUWERE' to receive 15% off your first order. 


I've been using the Aotea Day Cream regularly for the past few months and can not speak more highly of it for those who are looking for a lighter weight moisturiser. Sam Hickey, Asuwere.