Your Guide To Tinted Sunnies


Colour-tinted sunglasses in menswear have a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. Initially popularised by iconic figures such as James Dean and Elvis Presley in the 1950s, tinted lenses became synonymous with rebellion and style. Today, they remain a staple accessory in menswear, offering both style and functionality while evoking a sense of nostalgia for bygone eras.

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Steve Mcqueen in "The Thomas Crown Affair" 1968

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"With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60" Jack Nicholson on why he's rarely seen without his iconic tinted sunnies.

The practicality of tints

As we transition from the warmth of summer to the chill of winter, the versatility of light lens sunglasses becomes increasingly apparent. While typically associated with shielding against the blazing summer sun, these sunglasses offer a range of benefits year-round. With their ability to combat glare from snow and ice or the sun strike from the lower position of the sun, they become essential companions on bright winter days, easing eye strain and enhancing visibility. Moreover, their capacity to block harmful UV rays ensures ongoing protection for our eyes, regardless of the season. Added to their practical advantages, the lighter lens also brings a touch of style, complementing winter outfits effortlessly.

Introducing the Dahven & Maydela

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moscot--Dahven-Sun-Olive-Brown-chestnut-Fade-Sunglasses (1).webp__PID:ec46c431-2f4e-4295-9c54-1f67b325e4fa

The 'Dahven' in Olive Brown/Chestnut

Maydela Burgundu.jpg__PID:32955c54-1f67-4325-a4fa-b803be6014c9

The 'Maydela' in Burgundy/Denim Blue

Tints, what's the difference?

Different colour tints in sunglasses play a crucial role in influencing what we see by altering the way light is filtered before reaching our eyes. Each tint selectively absorbs certain wavelengths of light, affecting how colours appear and the overall contrast and brightness of our vision. For example, amber or brown tints enhance contrast and depth perception, making them ideal for outdoor activities like fishing or driving. On the other hand, grey tints provide minimal color distortion and reduce overall brightness, making them suitable for everyday wear in bright conditions.

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Are they for me?

Tinted sunglasses may not be right for everyone. Some colours are certainly more bold to wear but it is equally as important to ensure the tint colour suits your eyes needs. It's essential to try out different options to find the right pair that offers both style and functionality for you.

It can also be as easy as getting a second opinion on how they look on you and that's why we're here. When you come into store, we will give you our honest opinion and make sure you are looking your best.

We have a few suggested styles below that are all available in store.



Lemtosh Blue


Miltzen Flesh


Dahven Olive Brown


Maydela Burgundy


Chimi Green website.jpg__PID:79ddb818-3aa6-48d2-85f2-7799d93cd672

Chimi Core Green

Chimi Grey Website.jpg__PID:ddb8183a-a6b8-4285-b277-99d93cd672be

Chimi Core Grey

Chimi Brown Website.png__PID:1379ddb8-183a-46b8-9285-f27799d93cd6

Chimi Core Brown

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