Why you need a capsule wardrobe - and how to build one

You’re here because you’ve probably heard the term ‘capsule wardrobe’, and wondered one of three things:

- What is a capsule wardrobe?
- How do I build one for winter?
- What pieces am I missing from mine?

To kick things off, a capsule wardrobe is a selection of classic pieces that are interchangeable, working together to give you multiple options; ultimately helping you do more with fewer garments. When done correctly, a capsule wardrobe will save you precious time where it matters and take the guesswork out of choosing your outfits. Having choice is good - but too much of it will lead to decision fatigue.

Now that we’ve defined the capsule wardrobe, let’s get into what you should have in yours:


The Daily Chino

Smart Casual
The chino is a great pant that does well at work & on the weekend. The only thing that will change are the shoes and the shirt. Our chinos are available in a regular and tailored fit, and in different weights to suit all tastes.

Asuwere Jean

A must have for every wardrobe is a classic pair pair of jeans. Whether those are in a raw blue denim, or a washed black, these pieces stand the test of time and wear in nicely.

A solid pair of jeans and some trusty chinos are the crux of any capsule wardrobe. Jeans are classic, hardy, and perfect for the weekend, whilst chinos can be elevated with a Chelsea boot or dressed down with a white sneaker to fit the dress code at play.

The Button Down Shirt

Oxford Shirt

Can be worn under a blazer/coat, by itself, and if casual, unbuttoned over the top of a tee.

Button Down Check/Stripe

Smart Casual
Tidy enough for a dinner, relaxed enough for the drink afterward.

Button Down Denim

This pairs well with a chino and some crisp sneakers, and can be worn open over a tee.

Button-down shirts are the bread and butter of a capsule wardrobe as they can be dressed up or down with ease. Going for a casual look? Wear open over a tee. To step this up, simply remove the tee, button it up, and layer appropriately. There is always going to be an occasion where a button-down shirt is required. For this reason, the shirt earns its place in every capsule wardrobe, thanks to its simplicity and versatility.

The Tee

Pima Daily Tee

Regular Fit
Your classic tee, spun with a premium Pima cotton and elastane which helps with wear resistance and increases breathability.

Recycled Cotton Tee

Relaxed Fit
A more casual option to our clean-cut Pima Daily tee. It’s designed to be slightly large in fit and has a thicker ribbed neck.

For obvious reasons, the tee remains one of the most crucial pieces in guys’ wardrobes - worn by itself or, when the occasion calls, layered with a piece of outerwear in place of a shirt for a sharp look that isn’t overdressed. Finding a good quality tee that holds its shape, and doesn’t shrink can be a challenge, but we can help with that. Guys who go for our tees often come back for more and don’t seem to look back.

Warmer Layers

Cotton Silk Crew Knit

Finer knits like our Cotton Silk Crew do well with layering and can be worn over a button down.

1/4 Zip Sweat Crew

Smart Casual
Similar to the knit, a 1/4 zip crew adds a touch of formality allowing this piece to be dressed up or down with little effort.

Sweat Crew

Smart Casual
Depending on the dress code, these can still be worn over a button down in the office, but also do well on their own as they are heavier.

Sweat Hood

Perfect for lounging and layering, a sweat hood will keep you warm. Wear under a topcoat to dress down a formal look, or on its own.

Perfect during the winter, chilly mornings, and evenings, every guy needs to have some warmer layers in their arsenal. If you lean toward something more casual, a sweat crew or hood may be your answer. For those wanting to work a warmer piece suited for the office, or are simply after a more elevated look, a knitted number like our cotton silk crew, or a ¼ zip sweat will do the trick. The idea behind having some good jumpers is to have a couple of pieces that can be worn over a button-down shirt (for those chilly mornings) or layered on top of a shirt or tee for that evening drink. 

A Warm Jacket

Woollen Topcoat

A premium, lined topcoat that can be worn over a tee or a sweater. Jackets like this are built to look good in any situation and are perfect for the winter months.


Smart Casual
A perfect winter outer layer to throw on over a sweat or a shirt. It's ideal for colder days and nights and can be dressed up or down.

Whether you’re on your winter commute or running a rainy errand, you’ll be needing a heavier jacket of sorts for that extra layer of warmth. Try a long coat, like our Woollen Topcoat for more formal occasions, and for something more casual, you’ll find a smart Woollen Shacket will tick that box.


Rain Mac Jacket

Water resistant, smart, and with its deep pockets and placket, a Rain Mac Jacket is a great option when layering over a work wardrobe.

Smart Rain Shell

Smart Casual
For something a bit more serious, you'll want a shell you can wear to work and out to dinner without feeling like you’re heading on a tramp. Our Smart Rain Shell is a great solution for this.

Rainwear is a non-negotiable, every guy needs at least one sort of shell or jacket that can withstand a shower, and this unspoken rule is paramount throughout winter. Intense jacketing might come to mind, but it defeats the purpose of a capsule wardrobe. You want something that does the job and looks tidy. Depending on which way you lean, your answer for this will lie in a tidy hooded shell or a longer mac jacket.


Asuwere Leather Low Sneaker

Smart Casual
Looks good with both chino and jean, a clean white sneaker like our Leather Low Sneaker is an easy way to sharpen a look to suit the occasion.

Chelsea Boot

The chelsea boot also pairs well with a chino, building up any look to suit the office, and coming to the party when the dinner bell rings.

The two most important pieces of footwear you should have (amongst your other kicks) are a classic white leather sneaker and a Chelsea boot. These two seem to go with anything and can be easily mixed and matched with the rest of your capsule wardrobe.

Honourable mention: The Quilted Vest

Quilted Vest

Smart Casual
A practical layering option that adds just the right amount of warmth and keeps the arms free. Looks great when layered over a hood, tee or shirt. 

This one deserves its own section as it compliments your core pieces and when needed can suit both work and weekend environments. While it boils down to personal style, having a tidy vest at your disposal will stand you in good stead for much faster outfit decisions in the mornings, weekday or weekend.

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