Traveling light is an art form, one that could be mastered with the right mindset and strategic planning. It's an undeniable truth - we always pack more than we need. The proof is in the unused pile of clothes and items that we lug back home after every trip. It's time to cut the clutter! Here's your foolproof must-have guide for packing smart for a 7-night holiday to those sun-drenched, tropical paradises such as Fiji, Bali, or the Bahamas. Soak up the sun, dive into crystal clear waters and lounge by the poolside - all while traveling light!

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Clothing Essentials

Hybrid shorts (swimmers): At least two pairs, so you always have one to swim in and a dry option.
T-Shirts: 4-5 Bound Pima tees, the elastane helps make them breathable in the heat.
Sports gear: Great for a walk or any longer adventures. 1 - 2 quick-dry t-shirts and a gym or training short. Also, if you burn easy, a quick dry tee is a great option to swim in.
Shorts: 2 pairs. Linen Short or Stretch Tech Short
Underwear: One for each day, plus 3 extra pairs.
Socks: If you plan on exercising or wearing sneakers, bring a pair for each day. Our low-shows are the perfect option.
2x Short Sleeve: Seersucker, print or linen work perfectly for those hot days at the beach.
1x Long sleeve Linen Shirt: As an option to wear out to dinner or to cover your arms from the hot sun.
Pants: Unlikely you will need but always good to have as a back up, think lightweight such a linen.

Toilet Bag Essentials

Triumph and Disaster Shearers Soap: as apposed to body wash to avoid unnecessary weight or liquid restrictions
Sunscreen: Crucial for tropical destinations, consider SPF 50 or higher. Buy before you go and don’t get caught out.
Razor/Trimmer: Choose a compact, lightweight option. If you want to avoid the hassle of a shaving cream - the Philips OneBlade is a great close shave / trimmer solution.
Toothbrush: Don’t forget your charger if you're running electric
Moisturiser: Aotea day cream or Gameface by T&D Deodorant: Opt for a travel-sized roll-on or stick.
Cologne: Opt for a 30ml option if you can or buy a 10ml spray for when you want to spruce up your game.
Hair: (if you're lucky enough to have luscious locks) Micky day and Shampoo & Conditioner if you must!
Aftersun Lotion or Aloe Gel: Soothing and necessary after a day in the sun.
Insect Repellent: Keep those pesky mosquitos at bay.
Prescriptions: Contact lenses and solution (if applicable), any necessary medication, along with copies of your prescriptions.

Footwear Essentials

Slides/Sandals: Perfect for the beach and casual walking.
Canvas shoe: Good casual shoe
Lightweight Sneakers: If you're planning on exercising or extensive walking.


Sunglasses: Look the part and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays with Moscot or Raen sunglasses.
Hat/Cap: Cap for casual wear - As much as we would recommend a Panama, traveling with one can be a pain, that last thing you want is to crush it in the overhead locker.
Tote Bag: To keep your essentials dry during beach and pool days.
Reusable Water Bottle: Stay hydrated and don’t add to the pollution of the beautiful lands you're there to see.
Beach Towel: Not crucial as you can generally use one from the hotel or its always a good thing to buy one as a momento.
Kindle or Paperback: For those relaxing poolside moments.
Portable Charger: To keep your phone and other devices charged.
Adapter / a multi box: It's a great shout for destinations with different plugs.
Audio: Portable speaker / headphones - Although we don't condone blasting music at the beach with others in close proximity, having a speaker in your room is always handy.
Wash Bag: For seperating your laundry from your clean kit.

This is the perfect guide to ensure you have all the essentials without overpacking. Make your tropical vacation an unforgettable one, for all the right reasons, with this efficient packing list. Travel smart, travel light, and let the island life embrace you!

Copy & Paste our prepared checklist below.

- Swim Shorts x2
- Tees - x4
- Sports Kit
- Casual Shorts
- Underwear 
- Socks
- Short sleeve shirt
- Long sleeve linen shirt
- Light Pants (if desired)

- Slides/Sandals
- Canvas shoe
- Lightweight runners

- Bar soap
- Sunscreen
- Razor
- Toothbrush (charger if electric)
- Moisturizer
- Roll on deodorant
- Cologne
- Hair product (if applicable)
- Shampoo & Conditioner (if desired)
- Aftersun care
- Insect repellent
- Prescription medication + Contact lense solution (if applicable)

- Sunnies
- Cap
- Tote bag
- Reusable water bottle
- Beach towel (if desired)
- Kindle/Paperback
- Portable charger
- Adapter/multibox
- Headphones & BT Speaker (if desired)
- Wash Bag

Additional tips and tricks
-Pre download podcast, audio books or music for plane ride
-Take a deck of cards