Clubroom Session in action, hosted at the BePure office in Grey Lynn

Clubroom Session - Vol 2

For our 2nd Clubroom evening, we owe a big thanks to BePure for providing us with great info on the amazing work they are doing around the health and wellbeing space. Andrew, CEO, and Lisa, Lead Researcher and Clinic Manager hosted us in their office for the evening, with the discussion drawing on a topic to which we we're all able to relate - stress management. 

It started with some beers and bites before jumping into the basics. Lisa took us through stress and the different kinds of causes of it, the factors we can control and the ones we can’t. We dove into how sleep plays into this, and how diet and sleep habits can be used to mitigate our reaction to stress. Lisa then opened the floor up for questions and we were able to pick her brain on the topic. An insightful night with plenty of takeaways.
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