6 podcasts for the long weekend

With a long weekend indoors on the cards (aside from your 3km run that is), it's a perfect time to tune into a podcast or two. We've put together 6 we've enjoyed over the past couple of weeks in lockdown. Enjoy! 

For the intellectuals out there:
Eric Weinstein on the Joe Rogan Podcast 

For those after some good banter from a couple of Kiwi sporting icons: 
Ryan Fox & Christian Cullen on Head, Heart & Balls 

Master Your Money in a Time of Uncertainty
Dave Ramsey on the School of Greatness 

Beginner’s Mind, Self-Actualisation, and Advice from Your Future Self
Josh Waitzkin on the Tim Ferriss Show

What it really takes to succeed
Ben Horowitz on The Moment with Brian Koppelman 

The New Future of Work
Matt Mullenweg on Making Sense with Sam Harris