What is Pima Cotton? We explain the superior fabric in our Pima Tees

What is Pima Cotton?

You’re wondering -  What the hell is Pima Cotton? 

Our Pima Tees are cut from a premium type of Pima Cotton, dubbed ‘Supima’ which is grown exclusively in the American West and Southwest. 

For those that like numbers, Pima Cotton fibres are generally 1.4-1.2 inches long. This makes it incredibly soft and more durable than regular cotton. Regular cotton fibres usually reach up to 1.1 inches in length. 

Pima is as good as it gets. It’s breathable, more durable than other cottons and cool to the touch, making it a perfect material for the warming weather as we enter spring.

Our daily tee is the perfect menswear staple, we’ve updated our classic fit, adding a touch more length and slightly loosened neck from the previous. Pair it with a blazer for an effortless office look, or simply wear with last month’s Lounger Pant and underneath our Sweat Bomber for a polished, off-duty look.

Timeless and versatile, our Pima Daily Dee is a strong foundation for any mens wardrobe, and with added durability and wrinkle-resistance, it builds on an exciting range of ever-improving classics.

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