Asuwere Co-founder Noah Hickey

A day in the life - Noah Hickey

Much like many of you, our Co-founder Noah Hickey has many reasons to think about less. Splitting his time between the US and NZ with two kids and working on two businesses, he looks for maximum efficiency in everything he does. Noah runs us through his motivators, what his day to day routine looks like and tools to looking sharp for whatever he has on.

Whether I am in the US or NZ my mornings start early as this is when I find I can get the most learning and have clear head space. I wake up around 4am and will kick things off with a gym session or hit the bike which means I can watch Youtube or listen to podcasts. I’ll usually watch things on product creation and processes, being in software for a lot of my day I like to learn as much as I can about how people are solving problems and creating great solutions. Whether it be sales and how the modern sales funnel works through to investments and learning about industries and companies that are relevant to what I do. I can’t say enough about Youtube and all the content, I get about 2-3hours on it every day. 

Noah in our Navy Pima Daily Tee

After a gym session I pretty much have breakfast throughout my shower and shave routine as I like to continue on the move. This is the stage that Asuwere changes the game as I don’t need to spend time trying a bunch of stuff on, it just goes together so easily and fits so well that my day is off to exactly the start I need. 

With Whip Around we have an office in Charlotte and Auckland which means early morning or end of day cross over and generally some meetings with both teams and people across the globe. Being up early helps this as I get enough of a head-start to be prepared. 

If I am in New Zealand I'll also take Hugo (my 5yr son) to school and spend time with the kids before getting back into it. The hardest part of the travel is being away from family so I try to make sure this time takes priority. 

White Polo and Navy Hybrid Short

My day is filled generally with leaders in the business and a lot of calls, I’m not external facing so much but the one thing I have learned from many great leaders is always have pride in what you wear. Our collection was very much built around this, and only offering products we know will keep you looking sharp, whether it be in a casual setting or something a little more upbeat. When I look across our membership it makes me proud to see all of the people who are doing such great things and just want to tick this box as they realise they need to focus on what they are doing, it’s amazing! 

Noah wearing our Black Daily Polo in Charlotte with Jake Cicarelli wearing our Black Cotton Cashmere (Director of Business development for Whip Around)

My go to at the moment is our Polo (releasing next month), I've been wear testing them in the Charlotte heat. The polo is great because it can be worn in so many ways. I’m pretty standard so wear it with our linen or lounger most of the time. Good thing is that meetings seem to be more casual these days and a polo can keep you covered for most things. 

The day usually ends with our Asuwere team to check in on all sorts, I love hearing about our members and the feedback as much as possible. The one thing you realise every day is that it is a continual journey of learning and trying to make things better, we are fortunate to have a membership that helps us achieve that and I hope we can keep delivering items that let them carry on being Legends in their day to day life. 

This is all followed by dinner with Susie, Hugo and Chloe (my family) when we’re all in Charlotte together, otherwise on my own which is a bit average. 
I’ll close out the day before I go to sleep around 10:30pm-11pm with checking I’m prepared for tomorrow. 

Rinse and repeat!

If you haven't already read it, Ray Dahlio's book Principles is great. Heres a three part process to follow it. Watch here