People of Asuwere - Angus Brown

People of Asuwere - Angus Brown

If there is one thing we could all get a little help with from time to time, it’s mental clarity. Setting goals, having a to-do list or even an organised wardrobe so you know what you’re wearing when you start the day, will help you stay focused on what's important. Sometimes though, you need a little something more.

Our next Asuwere member has created a wonder drink to help with exactly just that. Angus Brown has worked with world-leading Neuroscientists and founded Arepa, a plant-based nootropic designed to assist your brain during moments of stress.

We caught up with Angus on the production line and took a look at what goes on behind the scenes at Arepa.  

- First up, tell us a little about your background and how Arepa came to be? 

One of my first jobs after university was selling energy drinks and I saw a kid come out of a store I had just visited with a big 710ml can of the stuff and thought, 'am I doing any good here?' 

From there I lost two grandparents to brain related illness and saw friends struggle with anxiety and so I thought - "why can't we make a drink for the brain?". That then led me to The FoodBowl in 2012 a $30m modular food incubator factory where I was one of the first clients to use the facility.

I loved it so much I landed a role there as Business Manager and was fortunate enough to learn the world of food-tech and adding value to New Zealand for six years.

In 2017 I left to pursue my dream of creating the world's most iconic brain health and performance beverage brand. 

- With multiple things on the go at any one time, on the production line, raising funds, hustling sales, you’ve certainly created the right product to get you through. Aside from Ārepa do you have a morning routine to help stay on track?

I do a bit of Wim Hoff breathwork in the morning which usually means a cold shower as well. I occasionally intermittent fast until lunchtime otherwise Ārepa Nootropic Powder in my smoothies or our capsules paired with a coffee for the synergy I know exists.

The drink is usually 20 min before a big meeting or pitch. We also developed our own binaural tone which replicates what the formula does with alpha brainwave stimulation which I listen to in the car en route to work.

- With such a mix of tasks on your schedule do you have particular dress style which you run with on the day to day?

Simple, durable, comfortable and flexible. Usually a clean basic t-shirt with some pants that dont require a belt (I'm often squatting down to pick up cases of drinks or moving mini fridges around). A bomber jacket is nice in winter and maybe a cashmere sweater underneath for the colder day. 

- Arepa had 5+ years in development and running now for just under 3 years, do you have any tips to people looking to start their own venture?

Get the right group of people around you that can help in times of need. This might be investors that have a different skillset to you or an independent advisor/s. When you hire, hire the attitude and brain. Above all - never give up and trust your gut.

- What’s the appeal of Asuwere to your lifestyle?

You make the decisions for me on what I should buy - I literally have no time to scroll through fashion websites or in stores and I often get caught buying the same type of thing rather than spreading my wearable portfolio wider!  Asuwere is also clean and minimal - no jazzy designs that are cool for one week like my $350 fluro hoodie I bought in 2007 haha. 

- When you get a chance where’s your favourite place to unwind?

Parents pad in Taupo. 

- Worst shopping experience?

Hungover indecisions every xmas eve trying to buy whole summer kit or the aforementioned fluro hoodie of 2007. 


Angus, bloody good to have you onboard mate,  it's inspiring to see your journey and a behind the scenes look at the Arepa manufacturing process. Incredibly impressive. 

Arepa is certainly a hit at the Asuwere HQ, be sure to stop for one and give it a try or check them out online to get your own hit of Mental Clarity -