People of Asuwere - Hugo Baird

People of Asuwere - Hugo Baird

Introducing ‘People of Asuwere’, a series featuring the lives of our very own subscribers. 

Being constantly inspired by our customers and the amazing things they are doing, we wanted to learn a little more about their stories and what gets them up in the morning. 

First up we have Hugo Baird, owner of Honey Bones (and one of our earliest subscribers). Honey Bones is a bustling corner cafe in the West Lynn shops in Auckland, serving up a mouthwatering menu and strong Supreme coffee. 

We visited Hugo to learn more about what makes him tick. We arrived early to beat the rush, but for Honey Bones that’s a hard thing to do. From the moment we arrived, locals are catching up with Hugo and the team - an amazing thing to sit back and watch.  

Read on for a little more from Hugo.

- What is your job and how did you get here?

I own a cafe called Honey Bones in Grey Lynn. I got into hospitality when I moved to Sydney at the age of 20, fell in love with the industry, aside from the weekend work (I’ve probably only had a handful of weekends off since). Then it just naturally progressed into starting my own place.

- Do you have a morning routine?

On a work day I’m up just after 5am, so I have to be prepared as I’m forbidden from turning the lights on. I have all my clothes laid out the night before, with shoes and socks waiting in the hallway and then it’s a short drive to work for a long black with a dash of cream before setting up.

On a day off I still like to get up early as I tend to be more productive in the morning. I’ll do some exercise and then head out for breaky to check the competition. 

- How do you dress on a day to day?

There's no set uniform. I like to always look well dressed, although I have to be practical with my line of work. In summer I’m in a t-shirt and shorts, and in the winter I get to dress it up a little more, with pants and a shirt on a colder morning. 

- Do you have any tips to success, or keeping stress levels down?

Write goals and to-do lists. I like to fill mine with both difficult and mundane things - difficult goals to keep you striving for better, and mundane to feel like you’re achieving things in the meantime. Lists also help me with the stress side of things, as it’s usually little things or jobs piling up that can get overwhelming. Staying on top of things before that point is a big goal of mine this year.

- What’s the appeal of Asuwere to your lifestyle?

Getting sent clothes in the mail that you already like and know that fit, is a bit of a winner. For me I’m so busy that the months go past quickly, seasons change and the wardrobe isn’t prepared for it. So it's nice to have someone else sorting it for me.

- When you get a chance, where’s your favourite place to unwind?

Aside from getting out of the big smoke to a beach, I actually really enjoy being at home, feet up watching sport, or having mates around for a few wets. After talking to people all day sometimes it’s nice to come home and just be in silence for an hour or so before the flatties get home.

- Worst shopping experience?

Going into a store that’s blasting loud music on a Tuesday after a fairly social weekend. 


Congrats Hugo and co. It's amazing to see the community you’ve created, you should be bloody proud.