Caring for your Cotton Silk Crew

Caring for your Cotton Silk Crew

With our May Cotton Silk Crews arriving on our members’ doorsteps this month, we thought we’d pull together some tips on how to get the most out of yours, and keep it looking fresh wear after wear. We felt it was time to update our knitwear offering and have been wearing multiple yarn constructions over the course of last year and think we have landed on something pretty special. We adjusted the fit to be slightly slimmer and added new / stronger rib construction.

The Cotton Silk Crew is knitted with a yarn consisting of 70% Cotton and 10% Silk and 20% Nylon. Silk is the strongest natural fibre available, so blending it into our yarn creates a knit that is more durable and along with nylon this sweater is less susceptible to pilling and an excellent insulator; a perfect wardrobe addition for the winter months ahead. 

We encourage you to handwash your Cotton Silk Crew. Continuous cycles can damage the garment over time, and silk loses up to 20% of its strength while wet. We know you’re probably going to chuck it in the machine from time to time anyway; so it’s important to use gentle cycles if you are machine washing this garment.

Use cold water when washing - be it by hand or machine. Both Cotton and Silk may shrink if washed at high temperatures so try to keep the temperature below 30 Celsius when washing.

Dry in flat in shade, or in the dryer on a low temperature.

We recommend using a steamer to soften creases on our Cotton Silk Crew. If you’re using an iron, do not use the steam function. The combination of pressure, direct heat & steam can damage the silk fibres so it pays to either steam, or iron - but not both at once.

It’s ideal to keep your knits folded as they can stretch in the shoulder, and may lose their shape when hung conventionally on a hanger. If you’re low on space for folding, you can hang them folded in half over the bottom rung of a hanger to prevent warping during storage.

The Cotton Silk Crew $230, or $100 under membership