The handheld steamer, a best friend for the time-poor

When it comes to your wardrobe, shopping for it can be both a hassle and a waste of your valuable time. It shouldn’t have to be, and it's the reason Asuwere exists. The same should be true for garment care! Ironing takes up an eye-watering amount of time - the setup, the ironing time, and then there’s that ‘wait-for-it-to-cool’ period. Yes, it gets the best result, but if you could get a good result in a quarter of the time, would you?

For a long time, the humble steamer has remained unapproachable to the modern man, reserved only for retail backrooms and fashion week backstage. That era is over, and we're here to debunk that belief.

We present our case on why you need a steamer in your repertoire:

It’s effective 

Steam has an interesting effect on clothes. To get scientific, the molecular bonds our clothes change when it gets wet. When allowed to cool, this sets the bond and forms a wrinkle. The reason steaming is effective at de-wrinkling is that it reverses that process that let them happen in the first place. The combination of heat and humidity softens those aforementioned bonds, relaxing the fabric. This also makes it extremely easy, allowing you to de-wrinkle the neckline of your favourite tee within seconds.

It’s faster

Handheld steamers are one of the many wonders of the world. We rave about a particular kind in the office (Disclaimer: This is not an ad) because its practical, affordable, small, and takes about 30 seconds before you’re good to get steaming. Better yet, you’re not having to setup and pack-down with an ironing board, ultimately saving you time where it matters, and surely some space in your laundry area.

It’s gentle

Ironing can still comes with its risks, and where it differs to steaming is the element of caution in approach. Steaming is contactless, making it more gentle, and can be done on almost anything in the wardrobe. That said, there are some limitations. Suede, waxed jackets should be avoided - but you wouldn’t want to iron these kinds of items anyway. 

It’s hygienic

Steaming deodorises your clothes too! And to further support our case, steamers can be used to sanitise garments, ridding them of bacteria, and harsh allergens (helpful for those among us who suffer each time the season changes). 

Pro-Tip: Spritz some of your cologne into the water reservoir to get your kit smelling good.

Ready to make the leap?

You can buy them in store or online by hitting the link below:

Handheld Garment Steamer - $42


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