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"I love the understated elegance of Asuwere clothes and the clean lines... I love to support local and Asuwere ticks that box for me, the membership aspect makes it super convenient."

"Asuwere suits my lifestyle because I take how I feel as a priority. I'm not about the look or the fashion pointers that might flick around at different points in time. I like clothes that wrap me in an aire of good feeling. Asuwere is a very cool array of garments that do just that."

"To be honest, I would rather spend my spare time surfing, rather than shopping... I rely on Asuwere to sort out my wardrobe for me. It's more than a clothing subscription though, the culture forming around the clubroom is super uplifting."

"Asuwere gives me a great base of clothes throughout the year which is one less thing to think about. It’s all pretty versatile for both work and home; and it's easy, a great price and good quality, so it ticks all the boxes for me."

"I don't often have time to buy clothing. Asuwere cleaned up my act. The subscription has broadened my horizon. Asuwere sent me a salmon-coloured linen shirt at the end of last year. My Christmas party 'look' was next level."

"I don’t enjoy clothes shopping. I gave my measurements to Ants one time and bam, done. I pick my items and they arrive in a perfect fit which I really appreciate."

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