Noah Hickey - Simplifying life

Noah Hickey - Simplifying life

I thought I’d share something that has been a big part of my world this year and plays a role in the creation of Asuwere. SIMPLIFYING LIFE is something I’ve been trying to do as much as possible so the output on more important things can be achieved. With travelling all year (spending time split between USA and NZ) I’ve had to leave a lot of things back in New Zealand and you start realising that all of the ‘stuff’ you have isn’t actually needed. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve held on to ‘just because’ I thought I was going to need them.

It’s good to check in with ourselves often and ask the question how much better we can be and why do I need certain things.

Here is the challenge, check out this list that I found some time ago:

72 Ideas To Simplify Your Life

The first five are is an easy way to start:

  • Make a list of your top 4-5 important things. What’s most important to you? What do you value most? What 4-5 things do you most want to do in your life? Simplifying starts with these priorities, as you are trying to make room in your life so you have more time for these things.

  • Evaluate your commitments. Look at everything you’ve got going on in your life. Everything, from work to home to civic to kids’ activities to hobbies to side businesses to other projects. Think about which of these really gives you value, which ones you love doing. Which of these are in line with the 4-5 most important things you listed above? Drop those that aren’t in line with those things. Article here.

  • Evaluate your time. How do you spend your day? What things do you do, from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep? Make a list, and evaluate whether they’re in line with your priorities. If not, eliminate the things that aren’t, and focus on what’s important. Redesign your day.

  • Simplify work tasks. Our work day is made up of an endless list of work tasks. If you simply try to knock off all the tasks on your to-do list, you’ll never get everything done, and worse yet, you’ll never get the important stuff done. Focus on the essential tasks and eliminate the rest. Read more.

  • Simplify home tasks. In that vein, think about all the stuff you do at home. Sometimes our home task list is just as long as our work list. And we’ll never get that done either. So focus on the most important, and try to find ways to eliminate the other tasks (automate, eliminate, delegate, or hire help).

How much junk do you have?

I had a ridiculous amount and still do, however am getting better. Worth the task I can promise you!

Less is more!