People of Asuwere - Textile Lofts

People of Asuwere - Textile Lofts

For the next instalment of People of Asuwere, we mixed things up with not one, but 4 of our subscribers. Introducing the good looking gents from Auckland’s lushest co-working space, the Textile Lofts.

It’s no secret that Parnell has had a resurgence of late, with ample dining options from the likes of Simon and Lee to Asuwere favourite Daily Bread, the Textile Lofts are not only at the forefront in the rise of co-working spaces but Parnell's very own comeback.

Having a few lads with impeccable taste and another of Asuwere's subscriber’s Charlie Urry of Urry & Burgess on the build it’s hard to go wrong.

We sat down for a coffee at another Parnell hot spot Red Rabbit Coffee, here's what they had to say.

- Tell us a little bit about Textile Lofts. How did your backgrounds shape what it's become today?

Textile Lofts is a premium co-working office based in Parnell which opened in July last year and is owned and operated by four of us - James Or, Tim Wylie and brothers, Harry & Nick Healy.

Prior to TTL, the four of us were running a commercial property services company called Attune and were looking for a new office. At the time we were sharing a space with another company and our search lead us towards co-working offices.

After visiting various shared offices in Auckland and further abroad we came to the conclusion that there was a hole in the market and instead of leasing space in another shared office, we would start our own one.

The result was Textile Lofts, which the four of us are very proud of.

- What can tenants can expect from life in the Lofts?

Textile Lofts is primarily a place for small businesses to call home.  All of our tenants take work seriously and while some may view co-working as a casual work environment, Textile Lofts strikes a balance between business, community & culture. Our membership is currently around 50 people and growing with businesses ranging 1-8 employees.

While some co-working offices focus on a particular industry, we prefer to focus on people and try to pick businesses we think will add to the internal culture and build inter-relationships.

We have open plan offices, private studios, meeting areas, a shared kitchen and event space so there are different areas to suit a wide range of activities. While the majority of the day is business as usual, we also have a social calendar and a bar which allows our members to relax and socialise as well as host tasteful client events.

- Do you have any tips to anyone looking to take on their own projects?

Nothing is easy, if it was easy then everyone would be doing it.  Once you have an idea that makes sense and have identified a demand in the market, then the next step is forward, keep moving forward inch by inch as business doesn't happen overnight, it takes dedication, persistence and a lot of time.

- How does life in the Lofts define how you all dress?

A usual day for any of us juggles time between Textile Lofts and our commercial property business. What the two businesses have in common is presentation and personability. Constantly meeting new people, both in the office and out on site. With this in mind we need to be well presented and have options for indoor, outdoor, coffee shop or even building site.  

- There’s four of you subscribed, you even sit next to one another. What the appeal of Asuwere?

Tim - In my old job I wore a suit every day and it was so impractical. There is nothing more comfortable than wearing a pair of chinos and an oxford shirt to work, and I don't even have to take time out of my day to go and choose my size or colour as it arrives at my door.

Harry - The whole range is premium so I know I’ll receive a high-quality garment each month - I don’t need to visit five shops to find the right pair of chinos.

The bonus is every month an Asuwere piece, which is seasonally curated, lands on my doorstep. Like most people, working five days each week really restricts leisure time to those two days that seem to fly past. Clothes’ shopping tends to take a backseat to my usual plans.

- Worst shopping experience?

Nick - There is nothing worse than ordering something online only to have it arrive and the sizing is wrong or the colour isn't quite what you expected. Then you have to go through the drama of packaging it up, and sending it back overseas.  

Tim, Nick, Jimmy and Harry, the Lofts level of execution is truly spectacular. We’ve had the pleasure of attending you’re events and know first hand from multiple tenants that life in the lofts is exactly what you say.

Congrats lads, it's an honour to have you all subscribed.

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